Radon Testimonials
Installation Day Went Smoothly
We moved to town this summer from South Carolina. Upon inspection, the home we purchased had a radon level of 17 pCi/L. Being unfamiliar with radon in general, internet research gave us plenty of reason to be concerned. We have 3 small children and had hoped, at some point down the road, to use our basement as a playroom or guest room - a living space. Our realtor gave us a Patterson flyer which contained a coupon for radon mitigation so we gave them our first call. Their consultant was able to come out and give us an estimate on the same day that we called. He was great to work with and understanding of our concerns - without trying to oversell their products. Installation day went smoothly. They were considerate of the kids needs and even kind to interact with them. Patterson installed a stronger fan at no additional cost from the original quote - based on the concerns we had for a very low radon level. They also accommodated us on testing day by setting up the detector in the basement instead of the typical living space location. We were amazed and thrilled with the testing result - the new radon level is .6 pCi/L in our basement. Thanks Patterson for a great job done and, above else, giving us peace of mind!
-Rachel Banasky-Dubuque IA
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Radon Gas: The silent killer
According to the Surgeon General, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarettes.
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