Radon Testimonials
Polite & Professional
Allow me to set the stage for this testimonial. I was visiting my 91 year old mother in Platteville Wi and assisting her in selling her home of 60 plus years. The buyers had an inspection completed where the "radon" experience started. After some checking around I contacted Patterson Comfort and Safety for an appointment. Robb Beltran gave a presentation, did a basement inspection, and provided a price quote. The basement is 3/4 finished with a sump pump and 1/4 crawl space. Robb was convincing that the radon rating of 17 plus could be reduced. Within a couple of days the "fix it" workers arrived and completed the install in one day. They were polite, professional, and walked me through what had to be done. Days later Robb placed the test equipment in the basement. After the required test period, Robb returned to read the test results. the moment of truth arrived. High fives all around- radon reading of 2.7. What a success story to aid in the selling of the property. I would not hesitate to recommend Patterson and Robb Beltran to anyone with a radon problem.  
-Steve Tatge - Platteville, WI
Clean and Tidy
We had a very positive experience with all of the Patterson staff. Excellent from the first meeting for the estimate ( Robb ) to the radon mitigation installation(Matty and Alex). Explained in great detail and answered questions. We appreciated how clean and tidy the workers were. We would recommend Patterson.  
-Terry O'Toole - Dubuque, IA
Our Basement Smells Like Fresh Spring Air
We didn't know much about radon until a friend of ours, from Manchester, IA developed lung cancer & wrote an article in the Manchester Press about his experience & that his house tested high for radon. We thought we should test our house & the test came back high, 60.1 pCi/L!!! The US Environmental Protection Agency & Surgeon General strongly recommend that levels be under 4 pCi/L. since radon is the second cause of lung cancer, after smoking. We didn't know what to do or who to call at that moment. Then the next day we received a letter from Alpha Energy Laboratories (where our test was sent) & they introduced us to Patterson Comfort & Safety. They went on to say they had no affiliation with Patterson & didn't provide them with any of our test information. I called Patterson & talked to Robert around 8 AM & he was here by noon, doing our evaluation. The mitigation system was installed a week later. Our basement smells like fresh spring air...that very same day after the mitigation system was installed. The 2 gentlemen that came & installed the mitigation system were very nice & explained what they were about to do. They were very neat & cleaned up so well that you wouldn't even know that we had anything done to our basement (ex: drilling thru the cement). It took them about 3 1/2 hours to install it. We had our 2nd radon test results come back today & it is now 0.9 pCi/L! We are so happy to know that our house is safe to live in & I would highly recommend Patterson Comfort & Safety.  
-Tom & Julie Schechtman - Earlville, IA
We Now Have Peace of Mind
We had a Radon test done about 5 years ago, on our house and it was high - can't remember the number. We never did anything about it and it always bothered me. When I heard the radio ad about March being Radon awareness month and that you could get a kit from Patterson Heating and Comfort I decided to test it again. Our level came back at 11 pCi/L. Anything over 4 pCi/L steps should be done to correct this. Robb from Patterson came the following week and explained Radon and the mitigation system to us. We were given a quote on the price and we decided by the next day to have this corrected. Our level was equivalent to breathing in a 1/2 pack of cigarette smoke a day! Patterson came the following week and installed the system while we were at work. We came home to absolutely no mess and our system was installed. They re-tested the level after a week and it read below 1 pCi/L. We now have peace of mind. I would highly recommend Patterson Heating &Comfort.  
-Mike Gansemer Dubuque, IA
Installation Day Went Smoothly
We moved to town this summer from South Carolina. Upon inspection, the home we purchased had a radon level of 17 pCi/L. Being unfamiliar with radon in general, internet research gave us plenty of reason to be concerned. We have 3 small children and had hoped, at some point down the road, to use our basement as a playroom or guest room - a living space. Our realtor gave us a Patterson flyer which contained a coupon for radon mitigation so we gave them our first call. Their consultant was able to come out and give us an estimate on the same day that we called. He was great to work with and understanding of our concerns - without trying to oversell their products. Installation day went smoothly. They were considerate of the kids needs and even kind to interact with them. Patterson installed a stronger fan at no additional cost from the original quote - based on the concerns we had for a very low radon level. They also accommodated us on testing day by setting up the detector in the basement instead of the typical living space location. We were amazed and thrilled with the testing result - the new radon level is .6 pCi/L in our basement. Thanks Patterson for a great job done and, above else, giving us peace of mind!  
-Rachel Banasky-Dubuque IA
No Pressure
You put us under no pressure and you followed through on everything you said you would do. All your employees we had contact with were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Our installer (Harry) went the extra mile and we appreciated watching him do his job. Thanks also to his helper Austin.  
-Marvin Meyer

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